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Welcome to the 1000 Friends of Wisconsin (& Birds) Great Wisconsin Birdathon fundraising page! Our organization represents people who care for the land in Wisconsin, which means that we also care about the birds that use the land. 1000 Friends of Wisconsin was formed in 1996 to write and ultimately pass legislation for the Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Law in Wisconsin. We promote land use policies & activities that advance healthy communities, positive economic outcomes & environmental benefits in Wisconsin.

All of us at 1000 Friends love birds and have always appreciated their presence in our lives. We know that birds are an important indicator species for healthy lands so 1000 Friends wants to help ensure that birds who spend all or part of the year in Wisconsin have all the resources they need to survive and thrive.

To raise support and awareness for Wisconsin's birds, the 1000 Friends team has joined the Great Wisconsin Birdathon, a walkathon-style fundraiser, to find as many bird species as possible on Friday, May 22. Our team goal is to find 100 species for the day :) Robin (the Yellow-billed Cuckoo) will be birding at Wyalusing State Park while Abe (the Barred Owl), Deb (the Great Egret) and Gregg (the Pileated Woodpecker) will split up to cover the Madison area. Be sure to follow our social media pages for updates during our 24 hour birdathon on Friday, May 22! 

Please consider supporting 1000 Friends and the Birdathon with a pledge per species or with a donation. No amount is too small--even small contributions add up! Half of the donations and pledges 1000 Friends raises will support 1000 Friends and the other half will support the Bird Protection Fund. This year the Great Wisconsin Birdathon aims to raise $100,000 for bird conservation in Wisconsin. Your contribution supports the priority projects of the Bird Protection Fund.

  • Conservation of endangered Kirtland's Warblers, Whooping Cranes, and Piping Plovers
  • Research, education, and habitat protection in Central and South America
  • Monitoring of waterbirds
  • Community engagement and habitat protection through Bird City Wisconsin
  • The Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon has raised over $500,000 for Wisconsin's birds since 2012. We have done so much, but there is still so much more to do. Thank you for joining me in making a sustainable future for Wisconsin's birds!


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Donations and Comments

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    about a week ago


  • Kyle

    about 2 weeks ago

    For the Birds

  • Joe

    about 2 weeks ago

    Enjoy the warblers for me :)

  • Megan

    about 2 weeks ago

    Keep it up!!

  • Cecilia

    about 2 weeks ago

    Team Abe!

  • Alan

    about 2 weeks ago

    Find me a Scarlet Tanager please.

  • Carolyn

    about 2 weeks ago

    Good Luck Tomorrow! Hope the Baltimore Orioles have headed your way. Carrie and Ed May

  • Tyler

    about 2 weeks ago

    The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly -Preksha Jain

  • Amanda

    about 2 weeks ago

    Birds are feathered spies.

  • George

    about 2 weeks ago

    Real Tweets not e tweets

  • Anonymous

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  • Sarah

    about a month ago

    Thanks for supporting Wisconsin birds - you better see 1,000 of them!

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