Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2020

North Country Birders

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Welcome to the North Country Birders’ Great Wisconsin Birdathon fundraising page! We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts who support the Chequamegon Chapter’s section of the North Country Trail, a section of trail that traverses the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest and includes Copper Falls State Park. These public lands provide a diversity of habitats and consequently a diversity of bird species. The Chequamegon Chapter maintains this section of trail for safe and enjoyable hiking and birding.

To raise awareness of the trail and support for Wisconsin's birds, the North Country Birders have joined this walkathon-style fundraiser to find as many bird species as possible on a single day, a day chosen by each team member, between the dates of May 24th and May 30th. Each team member will select a section of the NCT to investigate. The available habitats include the remnants of old growth forests, wilderness areas, pine plantations and State Natural Areas, each of which will provide a unique opportunity for birders.

Please consider supporting us with a donation. No amount is too small--even small contributions add up! This year the Great Wisconsin Birdathon aims to raise $100,000 for bird conservation in Wisconsin. Your contribution supports the priority projects of the Bird Protection Fund.

  • Conservation of endangered Kirtland's Warblers, Whooping Cranes, and Piping Plovers
  • Research, education, and habitat protection in Central and South America
  • Monitoring of waterbirds
  • Community engagement and habitat protection through Bird City Wisconsin
  • The Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon has raised over $500,000 for Wisconsin's birds since 2012. We have done so much, but there is still so much more to do. Thank you for joining me in making a sustainable future for Wisconsin's birds!


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Donations and Comments

  • Cathy

    about a week ago

    Have fun!

  • Amanda

    about a week ago

    Good luck!

  • Tracy

    about 2 weeks ago

    WI - Wisconsin

  • Judy

    about 2 weeks ago

    Neat Event!

  • Warren

    about 2 weeks ago

    Good job NC Birders and NCTmembers.

  • Laurel

    about 2 weeks ago

    Thank you to all for your dedication....

  • Eleanor

    about 2 weeks ago


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