Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2020

The Prairie DALCons

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Here are four of the 143 species our team found from May 15-18 in the area served by the Driftless Area Land Conservancy. Jennie Lanzendorf found a female ruddy duck and bluebirds in the Lower Wisconsin Riverway; Rebecca Gilman and Charles Harmon found nesting sandhills at our Erickson Conservation Preserve near Argyle; and Barb and Jeb Barzen and landowner Dick Cates spotted an eagle loafing in the morning fog on the Cates Family Farm. 

Our 18 birders, plus a few landowners, visited 16 properties with conservation easements, the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, and areas where we are working with partner organizations on the Southwest Wisconsin Grassland Network, the Lowery Creek Watershed Initiative, and the Driftless Trail.

Many thanks to our team of birders:  Amy Alstad, Jeb & Barb Barzen, Cindy Becker, Doug & Sherry Caves, Mike Dahlman, Jen Filipiak, Rebecca Gilman, Charles Harmon, Mike Hedemark, Dan Jergens, Arlyne Johnson, Chris Kirkpatrick, Jennie Lanzendorf, Patrick Michaels, Natasha Rank, and Karen Tennessen. 

Among the huge variety of birds they spotted, here are species that are state-listed as Endangered, Threatened, or Special Concern:

Endangered (2):  black tern (Riverway and Bloomfield Prairie) and Forster's tern (Riverway)

Threatened (2): Bell's vireo (two sites), Henslow's sparrows (three sites) - all private lands

Special Concern (18): trumpeter swan, American white pelican, American woodcock, common nighthawk, Eastern whip-poor-will, red-headed woodpecker, olive-sided flycatcher, least flycatcher, purple martin, ruby-crowned kinglet, Swainson’s thrush, golden-winged warbler, prothonotary warbler, vesper sparrow. grasshopper sparrow, lark sparrow, bobolink, Eastern meadowlark

Thank you to donors, birders, and landowners for helping to make a sustainable future for Wisconsin's birds!


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Donations and Comments

  • John

    about a week ago

    Great Job Team!


    about 2 weeks ago

    Supporting Karen Tennessen's efforts in identifying 51 birds.

  • William

    about 2 weeks ago

    Good luck! Hope to see a Pel's Fishing Owl among your list...

  • Mike

    about 2 weeks ago

    I'll be excited to hear about what you see! Have fun:)

  • Charles

    about 3 weeks ago

    Way to go Prairie DALCons!!

  • Marsha

    about 3 weeks ago

    Go Birds!!

  • Tom

    about 3 weeks ago

    Find lots of birds!

  • Rose & Jim

    about 3 weeks ago


  • Jim

    about 3 weeks ago

    Stay well!

  • Richard

    about 3 weeks ago

    keep on looking up!

  • Mary

    about 3 weeks ago

    yay! Have a great time birding in the Driftless

  • Douglas

    about a month ago

    Good luck

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