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Windsor Waxwings

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Welcome the the Windsor Waxwings page!  This is the site we will use for information about The Great Wisconsin Birdathon!  The wonderful hobby of birdwatching has brought so much joy to me and hundreds of students from years past.  I believe that birding is great in many ways.  It's scientific. It's exciting!  It connects us to nature and our planet. And it's cheep!  That last one was a bad joke.

I want to help make sure that Wisconsin's birds have all the resources they need to survive and thrive.  That's where the Great Wisconsin Birdathon comes in!

To raise money for Wisconsin's birds, I've joined us in this fundraiser.  It's my first time doing this with my class, and I've been working with Sumner's dad (also named Sumner) to make it happen.   He is a real ornithologist (professional bird expert), and knows the best way to spend the money we raise.  See this link for more information. Bird Protection Fund

We will be one big team called the Windsor Waxwings.  During two days next week, we will each try to identify as many bird species as possible. We will then share our findings and see how many kinds (or species) of birds we found.

How does this raise money?  Starting today, I want you to ask relatives, family friends, and perhaps neighbors to make a pledge.  They may pledge a set dollar amount, or they may pledge a certain amount for each kind of bird (species) we identify.    Example: Grandma pledges $1 per species.  If we (as a team) identify 25 species of birds, then Grandma owes $25.

Please consider asking someone you know to make a donation or a pledge per species. No amount is too small--even small contributions add up! This year the Great Wisconsin Birdathon aims to raise $100,000 for bird conservation in Wisconsin. Our goal is to raise $250 as a class.

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Donations and Comments

  • Sumner

    about 3 weeks ago

    A great group of kids!

  • Stephanie

    about 3 weeks ago

    Go Windsor Waxwings

  • Lynda

    about 3 weeks ago

    Good luck bird hunting.

  • Stacy

    about 3 weeks ago

    Way to go!! Have fun!!

  • Fredric

    about 3 weeks ago

    Sumner - Congratulations on a GREAT and FUN project to help our dear bird friends! I'm proud of you! Much love, Uncle Rick

  • Nicole

    about 4 weeks ago

    You can do it, Windsor Waxwings!

  • Elizabeth (Liz)

    about 4 weeks ago

    I am Sumner's Aunt from Oregon and love that you are doing a birdathon fundraiser. Cedar Waxwings are one of my favorite birds! I hope you see many!

  • Laura and Owen

    about 4 weeks ago

    Go Sumner!

  • Adelaide

    about 4 weeks ago

    This is to honor Sumner Matteson and his class

  • Abby

    about 4 weeks ago

    Good luck Mr. Sisler’s class!

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