Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2020

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You can pledge a fixed amount (for example $25) to a birder or to a whole team. PER-SPECIES PLEDGES (for example $1 per species) can only go to an INDIVIDUAL BIRDER and must be processed by credit card. PER-SPECIES credit card donations will be processed after the event. Please note that teams may find anywhere between 50-175 species depending on their skill level.


Your current Donation Type for General Birdathon Donations is Per species. General Birdathon Donations has a total goal of 50 species. Your current per species donation is $. You current total estimated donation is $ (to be charged after the event).

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If you wish to donate by check, please make it payable to Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin. Write "Birdathon" AND the team/birder's name on the memo line. Please refrain from using checks for per species pledges. Mail your check to: Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, 211 S Paterson St Suite 100, Madison, WI 53703.
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