Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2020

COVID-19 Update

Extended Dates! April 15-October 15

This year’s Great Wisconsin Birdathon will be birdier than ever, as the Birdathon will be extended, and will now run from April 15 – October 15. Although no one can predict what the COVID-19 situation will look like later in the year, a lengthened Birdathon will allow teams the flexibility to stick to the original spring migration timeframe or postpone their Birdathon day until the summer or fall.

2020 Goals: Safety – Fun – Connection

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon started in 2012 to raise funds for priority bird conservation projects, and while funds raised will continue to support bird conservation in Wisconsin, this year we are refocusing on a more important goal: connection.

We hope that the Birdathon will serve as a tool - an inspiration - for you to connect with birds, connect with local spaces (including your backyard), and most importantly connect (safely) with family and friends while raising awareness for the importance of Wisconsin birds.

Here are a few simple safety tips we ask that all teams follow in order to safely enjoy their Birdathon:

  • Bird locally to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Stay up to date with closures of parks and public spaces.
  • Stick to spending time birding with your family and household members, do not congregate in groups.
  • Do not share binoculars, scopes, or other equipment with others.
  • Always adhere to the most recent public health guidelines.​​

Looking for some inspiration on how to have a fun and safe Birdathon this year?

  • Backyard birding take this as an opportunity to get to know your own backyard birds.
  • Turn your Birdathon into a relay – you don’t need to bird in the same location! Each member of your team could bird solo and then compile your results after your big day. 
  • Make it a contest – compete against your team members to see who can find the most species in your backyards or local spaces.
  • Have a green Birdathon – explore your local birds by foot, bike, or even canoe to avoid car travel.

Unable to participate this year?

You can still support the Birdathon and Wisconsin birds by purchasing your Kirtland’s Warbler Birdathon swag or helping us spread the bird word to others. Thank you, again, for all that you do to care for our natural world. We appreciate your continued support and creative solutions as we work to have another successful Great Wisconsin Birdathon. Take good care and together let's #BringBirdsBack!