Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2020

COVID-19 Update

Last updated March 26, 2020. Please contact with any questions. Participants and this page will be updated if anything changes.

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, I wanted to share how this challenging situation will affect our 2020 Birdathon, Wisconsin’s largest fundraiser for critical bird conservation projects in the state.


At this time the Great Wisconsin Birdathon will continue to be held between April 15-June 15, but we are making some changes to ensure our participants are following best practices recommended by the Center for Disease Control. Below we’ve listed a few alternative birding options to help you have a safe and fun Birdathon this year. By following these steps, we believe we can still see a great turnout for Wisconsin birds while adhering to the precautions recommended by health officials.


  • Turn your Birdathon into a relay – You don’t need to bird in the same location! Each member of your team could bird solo and then compile your results after your big day. 

  • Backyard birding – Take this as an opportunity to get to know your own backyard birds! Birding in your backyard eliminates the need to travel or bird in groups. 

  • “Big Sit” – Some call it the tailgate of birding, your team can conduct a “Big Sit” by setting up lawn chairs and observing bird species that come your way. Set up your chairs to ensure group members stay at least 6 feet apart.

  • Unable to participate? – You can still support the Birdathon by asking friends and family to donate to the Birdathon, or making an outright gift.

  • Follow the CDC recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 – If you’re experiencing symptoms, or are in a high-risk group, please stay home and consult your healthcare provider.

With the recent study pointing to the 3 billion bird loss in North America, and the dwindling populations of once common Wisconsin birds, efforts like the Great Wisconsin Birdathon are more critical than ever. In this time of uncertainty, we hope the Birdathon can serve as an additional reason to connect (safely or virtually) with your loved ones, as well as a reminder of the incredible strength we have when we come together with our communities to make a difference.


Thank you, again, for all that you do to care for our natural world. We appreciate your continued support and creative solutions as we work to have another successful Great Wisconsin Birdathon.


Stay safe, and please take good care.


Sarah Cameron

Great Wisconsin Birdathon Coordinator


*As the situation with COVID-19 is ever changing, please always consult the most current recommendations by the CDC before making your Birdathon plans. Please reference the Safer at Home order issued for Wisconsin that is scheduled to remain in effect until April 24.