Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2019
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On June 1, 2013, a flock of migrating warblers dropped, wet and exhausted, from the fog onto the deck of the DNR vessel Coregonus that was conducting fish surveys 16 miles into Lake Michigan. The birds that were strong enough began snapping up all the insects they could find on the deck and in the cabin. Such things have been seen before; Captain J. P. Perkins, who piloted ships on the Great Lakes for U.S. Steel, enjoyed putting trees and shrubs on the deck of his ship to attract birds. One day in 1960, he reported 44 species of birds. Over his career he mapped 17 migratory routes used by birds crossing the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes and Mississippi River loom large in the lives of migratory birds. The river is a corridor they follow during their spring and fall migrations, and the lakes are some of the largest barriers they will face. The remnant natural areas along the shorelines and the offshore islands are critical migratory stopover habitat, and for birds in the middle of a flight across the lake, any place that they can stop if they encounter bad weather or become exhausted can mean the difference between life and death. This year my Birdathon is a shout out to the DNR's Office of Great Waters, where I've worked for the past two years. The OGW staff work to protect and restore Wisconsin's great waters--for people, for wildlife, for birds. They're the best people, and a lot of fun to work with.

My tentative Birdathon date is May 17, and I'll be birding around the Yahara chain of lakes--Dane County's great waters. Please consider supporting my team (me) with a pledge or donation. No amount is too small--even small contributions add up! This year the Great Wisconsin Birdathon aims to raise $90,000 for bird conservation and research in Wisconsin.

Your contribution supports the priority projects of the Bird Protection Fund, including:

  • Conservation of endangered Kirtland's Warblers, Whooping Cranes, and Piping Plovers;
  • Research, education, and habitat protection in Central and South America;
  • Monitoring of shorebirds, waterbirds, endangered terns;
  • Community engagement and habitat protection through Bird City Wisconsin;
  • The Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II.

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon has raised over $400,000 for Wisconsin's birds since 2012! We have done so much, but there is still so much more to do. Thank you for joining me in making a sustainable future for Wisconsin's birds!

Photos used in the video are by Tim Kroeff of Wisconsin DNR.


If you are unable to donate online, please click here for the offline donation form.


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    Happy Bird-Day, Diane!

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    GO WARBLERS! But mostly Diane.??

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    We love you!! Have fun!--- This is for Diane Packett.

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