Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2018
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Welcome to my Great Wisconsin Birdathon fundraising page! 

Update: I completed my Green Big Day and somehow managed to find 123 species over 68 miles and 17 hours! See the full report and some photos at

To raise support and awareness for Wisconsin's birds, I've joined this walkathon-style fundraiser. I'll visit all my favorite birding places in La Crosse County that support high bird diversity in an effort to find at least 100 species on a single day. My Big Day has been tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday, May 22nd, and I'll be focusing on eking out as many local breeders as possible, as migration is mostly over here.

If birding intensively for up to 24 hours isn't crazy enough, I'll also be doing the whole day carbon-free! I'll leave home on my bike and find every bird by bike or on foot. That means I'll be a little more limited in the distance I can cover, but I'll have the added advantage of being able to bird by ear the whole time - unlike traveling in a car.

Please consider supporting me with a pledge or donation. Donations can be for a flat amount, or you can pledge a per-species amount to push me to find even more birds. No amount is too small--even small contributions add up. Help us ensure that Wisconsin birds will be protected for future generations to enjoy!

Your contribution supports the priority projects of the Bird Protection Fund, including:

  • Conservation of endangered Kirtland's Warblers and Whooping Cranes;
  • Research, education, and habitat protection in Costa Rica and Peru;
  • Monitoring of shorebirds, waterbirds, and waterfowl on Lake Michigan and in east-central Wisconsin;
  • Community engagement and habitat protection through Bird City Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative;
  • The Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Program and Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II.

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon has raised over $300,000 for Wisconsin's birds since 2012! We have done so much, but there is still so much more to do. Thank you for joining me in making a sustainable future for Wisconsin's birds!

If you are unable to donate online, please click here for the offline donation form.


  • Ruth (about 5 months ago)

    Loved your persistence. Hope kitty is ok.

  • Diane (about 6 months ago)

    Congratulations on your first Birdathon!

  • Anonymous (about 7 months ago)


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