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Welcome to my Great Wisconsin Birdathon fundraising page! I've always loved birds, and believe they're important to us in many ways. I want to help ensure that birds who spend all or part of the year in Wisconsin have all the resources they need to survive and thrive!

Why Grus americana?  It might seem silly for a birdathon, but try it for a fund raiser for a food bank or medical disease.  Maybe print team t-shirts with your team name as you walk/run your event.  Somebody will probably say…what kind of name is that?  Then you have to choose your path.  The one that takes you to Carl Linnaeus and binomial nomenclature or the one that takes you to whooping cranes.


If you are on the whooping crane path you can talk about one of the oldest bird species, North America’s tallest bird and how they were almost extinct.  You can describe the wonderful work of many groups partnered together, such as International Crane Foundation and Operation Migration, and their attempts to keep the whoopers from being lost to us forever.  You can talk about how some yahoos decide that they are great target practice and shoot them, robbing us of one little spark of hope and throwing away thousands of dollars and countless hours it took to raise that bird.  Maybe mention budget cuts and the closing of Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.  I can talk about twice seeing large beautiful white birds flying overhead behind an ultralight as they learn their way south.  A memory that still brings tears to my eyes.


Since I’ve grabbed Grus Americana maybe you find another great name.  How about Ectopistes migratorius?  That would be a good one to bring up the hubris of mankind.


This is my first birdathon and I have never been a serious birdwatcher.  I just enjoy them.  When I worked midnights, I’d come home in the morning sitting outside listening to the dawn chorus.  Birds make such a wonderful variety of sounds.  I remember hearing my first whip-poor-will and knew immediately what it was.  I’ve been to Jasper-Pulaski to hear the rattling calls of thousands of Sandhill Cranes and to watch them dance.  Earlier this year I took a birding hike with the local forest preserve in a freezing drizzle and had a wonderful time.  I got to ask an experienced birder many questions about their hobby and was surprised at how many birds we identified considering the weather.  I then joined a Facebook page for Wisconsin birders and couldn’t believe the photos people were posting.  Then came all the warbler talk.  What’s a warbler?  Why all the fuss?  So off it was to the Wehr Nature Center and my first warblers.  It was also my first try at eBird. 


When I heard about this birdathon I wanted to do something, so I donated to a team with a fun name that I could relate to---Scan da Avians.  They had a funny write-up also.  But, I kept thinking I wanted my own little part in this great cause and so I started my own team…and that is my story.  Thanks!


The Great Wisconsin Birdathon has raised over $300,000 for Wisconsin's birds since 2012! We have done so much, but there is still so much more to do. Thank you for joining me in making a sustainable future for Wisconsin's birds!

I was in Milwaukee on 5/18 around Veterans, Lake and Juneau Parks.  I also traveled along I94 from the IL border to Milwaukee.  I think the cold, windy weather kept my count lower than I expected.  I was also surprised at some species I didn't see, but I logged 32.  Some were too far out bobbing in the lake and I couldn't identify.  I really enjoyed doing this.  I especially had fun watching a Common tern feeding.  Thanks for the support.



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  • Ruth (about 5 months ago)

    So nice to hear your connection to birds. Great story!

  • Chris (about 6 months ago)

    Cash donation from Logan B.

  • Diane (about 6 months ago)

    Congratulations on your first Birdathon

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