Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2018

You can join the Birdathon and donate to birders and teams at any time. The Birdathon period is from April 15-June 15.

Our Top Fundraising Teams:

2018 Signature Team Lineup:

Signature Teams are our leaders in birding and fundraising. All their earnings go to the Bird Protection Fund.

Cutrights Old Coots

Carl Schwartz, Marilyn Bontly, Mike Wanger, Joan Sommer, Tom Uttech, Ric Zarwell - Top fundraisers for the last two years, the Old Coots have set this year's goal at $11,000 and 153 species! What can we say? They got this.

Finch Gang

Karen Etter Hale, Clare Carlson, Matt Carlson, Eric Mosher, Sandy River, Bradley Webb, Charley Roberts - Named for the infamous horse thieves of 19th century Jefferson County, the gang gets REALLY serious this year. They plan to rustle up $4,000 and 105 species. Give--or else.

Lake Superior eBirders

Ryan Brady, Nick Anich, Erik Bruhnke - Professional birding guide Erik Bruhnke will be joining Ryan and Nick in the northern forests and shores this year. They hope to eBird 155 species (with the usual rarities they're so good at finding) and raising $7,500. Read their 2017 recap.

Lower Wisconsin Scan da Avians

Barb & Jeb Barzen, Arlyne Johnson, Mike Hedemark - Hardy descendants of northern birders have staked out the best territory in the state. We're countin' on dem for 120 species and 31,558 krone, ya!

Obi Gray and the Chewbacalacas

Michael Gray, Mary Maertz, Kay Kavanaugh, Stuart Malcolm - Our newest Signature Team has been known to start on the eastern shore at midnight and be at Wyalusing for the dawn chorus, but this year they plan to drive less and bird more, and find 174 species and $1,200. May the warblers be with them!

Secretary Birds

Tom Prestby, Aaron Haycraft, Mark Korducki, Quentin Yoerger - These WSO record-keepers have found 190 species the last two years, and in the spirit of the 2018 Birdathon, they're shooting for 200! With your help, they'll break their $1,500 fundraising goal as well.

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