Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2019

Top Teams

Signature Teams:

Cutright's Old Coots - 156 species, $12,553

Finch Gang - 109 species, $4,427.50

Lake Superior eBirders - 163 species, $6,346

Obi Gray & the Chewbacalacas - 165 species, $1,110

Scan da Avians - 125 species, $4,575

Secretary Birds - 195 species, $1,445


Top 5 fundraising teams (non-Signature):

River Raptors - $6,218

Up North Hammerheads - $3,170

W-Arb-ling Vireos - $3,003

Baraboo Rangers - $2,720

Crane-spotting Nuthatchers - $2,395


Top 5 birding teams:

MuirLand Merlins -181 species

River Raptors - 160 species

W-Arb-ling Vireos - 158 species

Walks in the Parks - 150 species

Wausau Nutcrackers - 141 species



Birdathon "firsts"

  • Our Signature Teams raised a record amount of $30,448 for the Bird Protection Fund, led by Cutright’s Old Coots who broke all Birdathon team fundraising records with $12,569.

  • The MuirLand Merlins and Secretary Birds broke their birding records, finding 181 and 195 species.

  • Mr. Dargatz’s Nature Kindergarten, of Woodside Elementary in Sussex, Wisconsin, had the youngest Birdathon team ever! The kids were able to identify 30 species after their unit of bird study this spring.

  • We had our first out-of-state team this year: team Grus Americana came from their homes in northern Illinois to bird in southeast Wisconsin, just because they thought it sounded like fun and was a great cause.

  • The Happy Hummers celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by holding their first Birdathon at their home in Fitchburg and along a bike route to Madison.

  • The first Snowy Owl was recorded on the Birdathon, by the Wausau Nutcrackers at Buena Vista Grasslands on May 5. That was the last day the owl was reported in that area.

  • For the first time a local business joined the Birdathon: Darren Bush and Rutabaga Paddlesports joined the flotilla of River Raptors under Admiral Sumner Matteson.

  • The Lake Superior eBirders found 163 species, all within only a 20-mile radius of Ashland.


Stories and photos from 2018 Great Wisconsin Birdathon teams

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Secretary Birds

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